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Stop the York County Home Tax

Don't be fooled!

This so-called "impact fee" is a tax on our economy & citizens

Stop the Tax!

Every York Citizen
Will Be Impacted

The proposed home tax will be especially hard on working families, new homeowners, and retirees looking to downsize.

Almost 28,000 York County families will be priced out of the market if this home tax passes. And the cost of new construction will drive up the cost of existing homes, which means retires looking to downsize will pay more.

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760% Increase in Impact Fees

Our economy is thriving. Growth has been a positive for our community.

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Impact of New Homes
is Powerful

After just one year, the impact of new-home growth is substantial—
providing jobs and generating income to fuel our economy.

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York County Politicians Are Proposing
a Tax on New-Home Construction

Don’t be fooled, this so called “impact fee” is a tax.
A tax which will hurt our thriving economy and our citizens.

Help Stop the York County Tax

Our Economy Is Thriving

This $19,000 tax will hurt our growing economy. A tax is a tax.

Growth has been a positive for our community. The proposed impact fee will mean a 760% increase on new-home construction.

Make Your Voice Heard!

New-Home Growth
Helps Fuel Our Economy

Providing jobs and a boon to our economy. In just one year, the impact is powerful.


In local income


In taxes & other revenue
for local government

In local


The Proposed Tax Would
Bring Positive Growth
to an Abrupt Halt

After the great recession, we can’t afford another blow to our
local economy. A tax is a tax.

Stop the Tax